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Four Leading Trends for Poolside Fire Features

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As soon as the sun goes down, the party lights up when you ignite the fire features alongside your pool. In this blog, we’ll explore eye-catching ways to enhance the flair of your poolside flames.

Four Leading Trends for Poolside Fire Features

  1. Brick Fireplace. An elegant brick fireplace brings a traditional charm to your pool area. The classic masonry hearth and mantle provide a cozy, familiar warmth while reflecting the flickering firelight off the water. Nestle into patio seating near the fireplace after sunset for intimate conversation or just peaceful relaxation as day transforms into night.
  2. Multiple Fireplaces. If you’re after an exotic, resort-style atmosphere, you may install numerous fireplaces scattered strategically around the pool perimeter. Clustering fire features create an alluring ambiance perfect for tropical or desert pool themes. Guests can meander from one fire to another, basking in the dramatic warmth and glow.
  3. See-Through Fire Pit. See-through fire pits are a chic way to separate pool zones after dark. They can be positioned as living boundaries between lounging spots and active areas that need to stay kid-friendly at night.
  4. In-Pool Fire Pits. For the ultimate poolside flair, try incorporating elegantly minimalist in-pool fire pits. These shallow flame columns, built right into your pool’s corners, produce a serene glow that emphasizes your pool’s beautiful lines and geometry. They also reflect mesmerizing light ripples onto the water’s surface as night falls, creating a relaxing nighttime aesthetic.

For further insight on integrating fire features to maximize your poolside’s nighttime glamour, turn to our team of designers at Stillwater Pools, Inc. We’ll collaborate to create an alluring after-dark oasis perfectly tailored to your style.