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Revive Your Senses with These One-of-a-Kind Attached Spa Designs

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After swimming laps or playing an intense game of Marco Polo, wouldn’t it be divine to lounge in calm waters just steps away? Nowadays, it’s pretty standard for pools to have attached spas. These combos are the perfect way to combine swimming with hydrotherapy in one harmonious backyard setting. In this blog, we’ll highlight some of the most eye-catching attached spa designs we’ve encountered.

Revive Your Senses with These One-of-a-Kind Attached Spa Designs

  • Raised Perimeter-Overflow Spa. This elegant attached spa design features walls set slightly below the water level to allow water to cascade over the entire edge. A containment system under the decking catches the spillover water and pumps it back into the spa, delivering the tranquil waterfall visual while conserving water flow.
  • Raised Spillover Spa. For those seeking a spa/pool combo infused with tranquility, the raised spillover spa delivers. Sitting peacefully above the pool, the spa’s elevated position provides panoramic views of your backyard while warm, effervescent water gently spills into the pool. The sound of the cascading water promotes deep relaxation.
  • Integrated Spa. For a seamlessly integrated look, nothing beats an attached in-ground spa design. This popular design blends the spa with the pool, courtesy of shared walls and decking. The spa may have a different shape from the rest of the pool for a clearer distinction between the two. In other cases, the finishing may differ slightly to achieve a more subtle contrast.
  • Attached In-ground Spa. With convenient access between invigorating swim sessions and tranquil soaks, the attached in-ground spa creates a backyard oasis perfect for both fitness and serenity. Though the spa and pool appear separate entities, the design allows easy access between both zones. It can also be configured in any shape or size, although the best designs are usually kept in harmony with the overall pool aesthetic through shared materials and stylistic details.

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