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Four Water Features That Work Well in Any Pool

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Do you ever wish your pool could do more than just hold water? We’ve got good news – thanks to water features, you can unlock your pool’s full potential for fun! Dive in as we discuss four bold ones guaranteed to give your pool swag and have you living your best aquatic life.

Four Water Features That Work Well in Any Pool

  1. Spillover Spa. A spillover spa will instantly transform your pool into an at-home oasis. The soothing sounds of cascading water create a relaxing ambiance. Furthermore, the raised spa design provides a vantage point for kicking back and relaxing. As the mesmerizing water cascades over the spa’s edge into the welcoming water below, you’ll get lost in the peaceful ripples and bubbles floating across the water’s surface.
  2. Cascade. For a majestic sight, try a cascade/sheer descent waterfall. Imagine reclining on an in-water lounger while taking in the dramatic vision of water flowing powerfully down artificial rock formations. The crashing sound adds pure excitement and intrigue. You can even add LED lights to illuminate the cascade at night for an even grander spectacle.
  3. Rain Curtain. You can enjoy your own rain shower on demand with a rain curtain. This water feature releases a gentle overhead stream to mimic standing in the rain. Feel the playful drizzle as you swim underneath for a fun surprise – it’s like bringing the rejuvenating thrill of a summer afternoon shower right to your backyard!
  4. Deck Jets. Deck jets amp up the hydrotherapy benefits of your pool. Strategically placed and directional, these water features propel streams of water into your pool. They can also be repurposed for massaging sore muscles; stand under a jet and let the focused rush of water knead away tension after a long day in the office.

Here at Stillwater Pools, Inc., we would love to help you design and install the perfect water features to transform your pool into your dream aquatic oasis. Contact us today to get started.