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What to Expect With Gunite Pool Construction

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Having a pool in your backyard is a dream for almost everyone, especially on a hot and humid summer day. There are some great options for backyard pools, including gunite pools. Gunite pool construction has become a popular choice for homeowners over other types because there are several options for shapes for a pool, giving it the flexibility to fit in different sizes and shapes of backyards.

What to Expect With Gunite Pool Construction

These pools are very durable because in a gunite pool construction process, they use a rebar framework which is sprayed over with a mixture of concrete and sand. Here is the typical process of gunite pool construction.

  • Select Your Pool Shape– With gunite pool construction, the shape you choose your pool to be is flexible. Therefore, you need to determine where in your backyard you would like your pool and what shape of pool would fit nicely in that space.
  • Soil Digging and Shaping– Once the location, size, and shape of the pool has been finalized, the topsoil needs to be dug up, so we can shape your pool exactly how you specified.
  • Put in a Base and Plumbing– To ensure your pool has a strong foundation, we put in a stone base. We also install all of the plumbing for your gunite pool.
  • Rebar Installation– Installing the rebar framework is a crucial part of your gunite pool construction as it is what will keep your pool strong and intact.
  • Spray Gunite– Finally, the gunite can be sprayed over the rebar framework and will need to cure for several days to ensure it is dry, strong, and durable.
  • Finishing Touches Around the Pool– Once the gunite is cured, you can add tiles around the edge of your pool. You can also have your pool deck installed and have topsoil put back around the pool.
  • Plaster and Fill the Pool– The plaster coat is the final step in gunite pool construction, as well as filling your pool with water.

We specialize in gunite pool construction here at Stillwater Pools, Inc. Give us a call when you are ready to take the plunge and get a pool in your backyard!