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Three Tips to Prepare for a Pool Installation

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If you’re getting ready for your pool installation, it’s easy to spend your time daydreaming of days you can spend lounging by the water with a good book and cooling off in the hot Newnan, Georgia summer. But there are a few things to do before installation begins.

Three Tips to Prepare for a Pool Installation

Here are three tips to prepare for a pool installation:

  1. Check homeowner’s association rules and local regulations. Always start with learning about your local regulations and HOA rules before embarking on a major home project like a pool installation. Some homeowners may not be aware of guidelines that can become problematic if they are not followed from the start.
  2. Learn about safety and maintenance procedures. Pool care involves balancing the water’s pH levels, keeping it clean, and maintaining the pump and filtration system. Future pool owners would do well to start learning about these aspects of pool care ahead of time so they can swim with confidence from day one.
  3. Prepare your property to break ground. A reputable pool installation company will walk you through preparing your property for your pool installation. Careful consideration on pool placement should include locating underground utilities, including piping, wiring, or a septic tank. Pool installers will also level the ground as needed and take note of the type of soil to ensure your pool is installed safely and securely.

When you’re preparing for a pool installation, take care to get your ducks in a row so the installation can go swimmingly. You’ll be ready to dive in before you know it!