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3 Ways Spa Installation Can Improve Your Health

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Having a spa in your backyard is something highly desirable to most people because it provides something to do that is nice and relaxing. However, there are other health benefits that come from using a spa.

3 Ways Spa Installation Can Improve Your Health

Here are some reasons you should look into spa installation in your backyard to help you be healthier:

  1. Sleep Quality– Using a spa regular actually helps you get better quality sleep! The reason for this is because your body is naturally lower in temperature when sleeping. If you use a spa a couple of hours before bed for twenty minutes or so, it raises your body temperature a degree or two. After using the spa when your body temperature begins to lower, it will help you relax and be able to fall asleep quickly and deeply.
  2. Pain Relief– Whether you have sore muscles, arthritis, pain in your back, knee, or other joints, using a spa helps relieve pain from all of those ailments. If you are in water that is at least 95 degrees, it will naturally help reduce inflammation, providing you with relief. If you suffer from any of these things then look into spa installation, so you can get some natural relief from your aches and pains!
  3. Helps Relieve Stress– Using a spa helps relieve everyday stress, both mentally and physically. It helps release endorphins, which help you deal with stress. Having a way to help relieve stress has many health benefits.

If you are ready to receive the health benefits of a spa installation, give us a call at Stillwater Pools, Inc. We would love to help you improve your health and quality of life by getting a spa.